How Can We Spy Kids’ WhatsApp

Do you want to spy on WhatsApp of your children? The unusual texting behavior of teenager prompts parents to be concerned about their online and offline chats. If your kid remains engaged on the instant messaging and social media apps, he is likely to experience the most common online dangers of cyberbullying and child molestation. By supervising their digital behavior, parents can safeguard them from these threats. This article discusses how parents can keep an eye on WhatsApp messages of their teens to protect them from the menaces of the social networking app. 

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp is the most popular communication app letting users to interact with each other in the most entertaining way. It allows exchanging text, photos, audios, videos, links, contacts, documents and GPS location. In addition to it, the instant messenger offers one-on-one and group voice and video calls absolutely free. The app uses the internet to enable the user to communicate through messages, calls and status updates.  

Why Spy on Kids’ WhatsApp

There are many reasons to supervise kids’ usage of instant messaging apps. The first and foremost concern to spy software for WhatsApp and similar communication apps is kids’ protection. The unsupervised and unbridled use of the instant and social messengers is likely to expose teenagers to online harassment, child molestation, sexting and scams. Parents must monitor online chats of their children to protect them from potential dangers and to prevent them from wrongdoings.   

How to Spy on WhatsApp

You can keep tabs on the online conversations of your children by checking out their phones. However, it is not possible to frequently access their phones or check out their messenger without their permission. In this situation, TheOneSpy mobile spy facilitates parents to watch out digital activities of children without accessing their phones. Once they install the spy app on their kid’s smartphone, there is no need to access the phone again to check out activities performed on it. 

The spy app provides specific data to parents by uploading it to a secret online account. Whenever you are in need to inspect their cell phone, you can easily log into the confidential online account of the spyware app. By logging into the account, you can access your kid’s WhatsApp chats, call logs, photos, videos and much more stuff saved on the memory of the monitored cell phone.      

How to Use WhatsApp Tracking App

It is very simple to install and use the WhatsApp tracking app. It performs most of its functions on its own. There is no need to send any command to the phone to access required data. Once it is installed on the targeted phone, it automatically accesses important data saved on it. It includes messages, contacts, call logs, media files, internet browsing history and more. The app uses the internet connection to upload the data to the online portal of the spyware. Read on to know how you can monitor WhatsApp data of your kid without accessing his phone. 

Read Chats

The messages received and sent via WhatsApp messenger can be accessed from the online account of the spy app. Without needing any command, the spy app automatically creates an online backup of kid’s WhatsApp chats to enable parents to read all conversations without accessing the cell phone.

Listen to Voice Recordings

The app lets you listen to the voice recordings exchanged by your kids through the instant messenger. By signing into the web portal of the parental control app, they can retrieve the voice recordings anytime and from anywhere. 

Track Calls

The voice and video calls made and received via communication app can be traced with the help of the parental control software. It provides access to WhatsApp call logs containing contact detail of callers and recipients.

Watch Shared Photos & Videos

The photos and videos exchanged by your children through WhatsApp can be monitored with the help of the surveillance app. It automatically uploads WhatsApp media to the online account to make them available for the end-user of the spy app.

Record WhatsApp Screen

The WhatsApp tracker app lets you capture mobile phone screen of your kids by sending a remote command via online control panel. The screen recording enables parents to remotely supervise almost all activities performed on the instant messenger.