Where Reception Guests Buy Drinks


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where reception guests buy drinks

How many drinks should you buy for your wedding reception?

So, if you have 100 guests (at 4-5 drinks per guest) and your reception is 4 hours long, buy 200 servings of wine, 80 servings of beer, and 60 servings of liquor. If you’re stocking your own reception bar, a cash bar may feel a little strange.

How much does alcohol cost for a wedding venue?

Many venues charge corkage fees (similar to BYOB restaurants) which can range from $10-$30 per bottle. So, you may still deal with inflated costs. It’s a thin line between ordering enough alcohol to satisfy guests without going overboard.

How much liquor do you need for a housewarming party?

How much each guest drinks will depended largely on how heavy or light drinks are poured. Our recommendation: If you allot for one ounce of liquor per mixed drink, you should aim for 3-5 liters of popular liquors, such as rum, vodka, and gin, and 1-2 liters of whiskey, bourbon, and tequila per 100 guests.

Should you hire an alcohol vendor for your wedding?

There are a few reasons you may forgo hiring an alcohol vendor at your wedding—the main one, though, is to save money. Without a vendor you may skip out on paying premium prices and upcharges, plus you may not have to pay any service charges.

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