Apply for gclub through its glcubbz website

To make it easier for you, the club here has 3 different and easiest methods to apply for membership at จีคลับ. By following the instructions we will provide you in this article, you can become a member of the website within no more than 10 minutes, that is, if not facing any problems while doing so.

3 methods to apply for membership


  • Through the website – many times, a gambler feels he should opt for something related to money by himself and not with any other party Helping him. The steps include:
  • Filling the application form – application could be seen on the official website of the club. Once you reach the website, without needing to scroll you will notice the subscribe button. Tap on it and it will take you where the Application is located. The details they will ask you to provide will be general ones. Your name, surname, active Phone number, etc and bank details. The bank name and account number.
  • Enter the verification code – the very last and final step will ask you to put in your verification code which was passed onto you through SMS on your newly registered number at the website. This is not the last time they will be contacting you for Any important notice, thus, make sure to pass on active contact information.
  • Through your Line app – Line app is certainly installed in every cell phone of Thailand citizens. They make great use of them all and thus, it can be a convenient way to apply for membership. The instructions are as follows:
  • Fill out the form – once you send a message mentioning the reason for the same, they will ask you for information, which is to be filled in the form of a form. Same general information asked to you on the website of the club. After sending, wait patiently.
  • Verification code – after you reach the final step, that is the last verification of your contact information, you are required to fill in the verification code received by your phone number through the same chat.
  • Through a call – calls can be a trusted mode of communication, thus, we see many opt for this option for applying. The steps are listed below:
  • Call – once you get your hands on the call centres numbers, there are two, your next job is to call on them. Both will be available but if the first one didn’t ring any bells, just in case the traffic is more, you can try the other one. Mention the reason you called and answer the general information questions calmly and without making any mistakes.
  • Verify your contact number – as soon as you get your verification number, give a call on any of the call centre numbers to verify yourselves.

The contact information like call centre numbers is presented on the gclubbz website. The Line ID is also presented at the same place as for the application page, it will be most likely the first thing you see after visiting the website.

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