AVG Security and Virus Cleaner

Maintenance and management apply one hundred percent to anything that is been used by people. If not done it will result in having to spend money for repairs or in the worst scenario replacement costs.The absence of proper working order will create inconvenience to the users. In this aspect imagine how things would be if the smartphone been used faces such a situation.

Its users are bound to be distraught isn’t it. All these factors emphasize the importance of right care and maintenance to keep one’s smartphone working as it should. What has been said heremay cause anxiety as the users may not have given thought to it. But do not worry at all as the AVG Security and Antivirus App has been designed and innovated to cover all what is required to ensure maximum care and maintenance a smartphone will ever need, to keep going as expected by its user’s.

There are many Android Antivirus applications like this. Some Android antivirus applications has extra features like cleaners and boosters. For example, Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner, Bee Booster, etc.

Features of AVG Security App

SCANNING– which is a must to keep all of theimportant and legitimate documents, files and records safe. This will be handled effectively by the App.

SPEED BOOSTER–will take necessary action to keep the smartphone’s speed at optimal level. It will do the needful to get rid of unused Apps and Programs and re set Apps and Programs optimally by prioritizing their usage.

CLEAN UP –effective cleaning process of the cache unused files, background running programs not in use,and all of the junk will be cleaned. This will enable to free up that much needed spaceto store what is required.

LOCK–by a pattern,Pin,or unmatchable fingerprint of sensitive items. What morethan this? A unique offer of the best locking options and your device will be absolutely safe.

TRACING – if the smartphone is misplaced the AVG App’s unique link up with Google maps will help to locate it.

ENCRYPTION– keep any sensitive photos in a vault and encrypt it with a password. Since this password is saved in the hardware of the device it is max safe. Will be most handy to keep commercial items safe from unauthorized intrusion or access by competitors.

Wi-Fi Security– public Wi-Fi networks will be properly scanned forany viruses before been uploaded to the user smartphone.So, no worries. Continue safe Wi-Fi browsing in restaurants, airportsor wherever when necessary.

LOCK SCREEN –lock the smartphone with setting a message on the lock screen.

SIREN – provide security with a siren tone.

Yes,the AVG Antivirus App is a wonderful and smart App. With its overall in build protection and care features will make your smartphone to serve optimally. Keep anxiety away by worrying if your smartphone is getting adequate attention. YES, IT WILL !!with the AVG SECURITY & VIRUS CLEANER APP been installed in your device. Join the 1 million and counting members of this super App.

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