Form Calc is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for developers

Adobe enables interactive forms to be built with JavaScript as well as Form Calc designed by schörghuber corporate it gmbh. It is crucial because it allows you to change directly within the form, both on the server and client side. To perform all these functions we must use one of two options – Java scripts or Form Calc, which is completely integrated into the Adobe Lifecycle Designer. SAP Adobe form can be used as an Online and Offline Interactive form to integrate an outside user of your business processes.

The purposes of Adobe forms

The main difference between SAP Smart Forms and SAP script is that they have a separation between layout and data. The separation is based on the Model-View-Controller-Principle from computer science. SAP Adobe form uses Adobe Live-cycle Designer as the form design tool. It is extremely simple to use and flexible in its ability to design the form, which dramatically reduces the time required to design.


With Adobe Software Forms, they can be filled in offline on the customer’s site, without the use of any additional software, and then transmitted electronically directly to SAP system.  The sales rep is with the customer at the point of sale and has to record some of the data in a report of the visit or technician reports. This information must be stored offline since the sales rep does not have internet access. What is the best way to move this data into your company’s database?

Through Form Calc, the information can be stored as a PDF file that can be downloaded offline and automatically sent to you whenever you connect with the Internet. All data entered by the sales representative are stored as a clear form within your SAP system. This method does not just save an immense amount of time, but also saves

Live Cycle Designer

One of the biggest improvements made to Adobe Forms is introduction of the graphic editor: Adobe Live Cycle Designer. In comparison to SAP script Editor and Smart Forms Editor, this online editor has the ability to be described as visually. Adobe is taking an enormous leap forward in the field of development. Data can be transferred easily to forms via drag and drop. Multimedia content like videos, images, and 3D elements can be included in the form by using an editor. Elements can also be positioned and moved around the form by using the mouse.

Areas of development

The distinct separation of business logic and layout is a further advantage when compared to previous technology. Utilizing XML and the PDF/A standard, this technology is comparable to the current standard. XML is a meta-page description language that defines a format to describe structured data. The PDF/A Format is an ISO 19005 standard for long-term preservation in the PDF format. This standard guarantees long-term accessibility of documents regardless of the application software or operating system they were developed.


The printing of large quantities forms of Smart Forms or SAP script forms is done through Jet forms. Because of the XML-based data processing, this technology is designed to adapt in the future and can be used with external software. To create Adobe forms, SAP typically has added additional routines to its traditional printing programs to produce Adobe Form PDF documents.