How Companies Can Use Social Media Monitoring to Create Marketing Campaigns

Social media monitoring is the process of keeping in touch with what is happening in social media platforms about your company, marketing campaign, and sometimes products. With the necessary social media monitoring tools, it will be easier for you to keep track of the conversation keywords, hashtags, and accounts that are relevant to your business or products. There is no doubt that social media monitoring is critical to the success of any company out there in the world.

As a marketer, you should concentrate on the keywords and comments that touch on your products or company to create a relevant marketing campaign through the following strategies.

1. Resolving Complaints

One of the strategies that companies can use in social media monitoring is to solve the complaints they collect from the industry. In the industry, not all customers will mention the organization in good faith. Others will come to social media platforms to complain about the services or the products they received from the company. It is upon the management of the company to make sure they listen to the company and help them to appreciate the services offered by the organization.

2. Building Advocacy

Monitoring can also be used in marketing to create or build advocacy in the industry. Just like there will be customers who will complain about the products and services offered by the organization, there will be those that will write messages of appreciation about the organization. In such situations, marketing experts should not just stay back and watch. They should appreciate the customer and respond positively. By doing this, the company will be marketing its products and creating brand ambassadors as well.

3. Sending and Receiving Feedback

Social monitoring is an important marketing strategy in any organization because it helps the company to send and receive feedback from the market. Any company out there must make sure that it is engaging its customers regularly. This is a strategic method of creating an impact in the market. Regular sending of messages to the customers is essential to the success of the company’s marketing messages. However, the company should not only send messages to the industry. It should also listen to what customers want and respond where necessary.

4. Determine Customer Preferences

Social monitoring is a unique strategy of determining customer preferences that companies should incorporate in their marketing strategies. Reading what customers are saying in various online platforms will obviously give a hint to the company about their tastes and preferences. This is a strategy that companies out there in the industry should exploit and offer what customers want. There are many companies out there in the industry that have succeeded by monitoring the tastes and preferences of consumers in the market.

5. Monitoring Competition

The world of business is characterized by competition in the industry. Therefore, social monitoring is not only about customers. It is also about understanding competition in the same industry and formulating various strategies to overcome this competition. A company can keep on monitoring the social media channel of the competing company to determine what they are doing. This is a strategic opportunity of striking where opportunities arise. Monitoring competition is one of the main reasons why organizations should include social monitoring in their operations.

Social media monitoring is a strategic method of tracking what people are saying about the company in various social media channels and social media tools. It is also a way of evaluating what customers are saying about the products of the company. With the right support such as that provided by NetBase, it will be easier for a company to use social monitoring to formulate comprehensive marketing strategies that are guided by information collected from social platforms.

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