How to improve SEO positioning in Google

Advertising and dissemination of content are essential to achieve successful results in any project. That customers find your products, services, promotions, or special packages is essential to promote yourself and increase the sales of our online business. To achieve this, we can use campaigns to capture paid traffic or implement actions to improve the web positioning of our website on Google.

Tips to improve SEO positioning in Google

Have a correct web architecture

Before we start designing our website, we must sit down and structure the architecture of our website, what landing pages we will create, and how they will be grouped. In other words: we need to see what pages our website should contain and how they will be grouped, as this will determine the internal linking and the correct transfer of authority between the different pages.

It has good content

One of the most important aspects when it comes to improving the SEO positioning of a website in Google is to have good content that is attractive to users and search engines. Don’t forget to also consider the price of SEO service (ราคา seo which is the term in Thai).

Meta title and Meta description

Meta titles are the titles that appear in blue when we search for engines. They must be optimized and use an appropriate number of characters. If its extension is greater than indicated, the title is cut, showing “…”. This makes users lose interest in the link, decreasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) of our results, which is not well-valued by search engines.

Image optimization

The images are content that helps a lot to improve the SEO positioning of our website.

To optimize them, we must include in them a title and an Alt attribute. In this way, we will position the images and, consequently, we will enhance the landing SEO.

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