How to Write a Resume

The need to have some information on how to write a resume that is outstanding to your competition is your biggest dream. Your resume is a marketing strategy to get you hired. You sell your skills, work history, and education to hiring companies so that you can get an interview. To achieve this, you need to have an attention-grabbing resume that is well crafted to attract the hiring managers. Your resume needs to be well- formatted and showing your abilities off. You can get an interview only if your resume has captured the recruiter’s attention. Well, look no further as in this article we’ve broken down most of the important steps to make sure our resume samples is the most outstanding.

  1. Choose from the 3 types of Format

You need begin by picking out the format you would like to use in your resume. One resume is great at highlighting your experience, while the other displays your skills. The 3 types of formats are;

Chronological-it’s also known as reverse chronology. It’s the most commonly used format on resumes. Its great as it clearly displays your work experience and education history. The advantage is you list your positions starting with the recent one to the least.

Functional- it displays your accomplishments, specific qualification, and skills. You don’t display much about your work history in this format. Your skills are listed at the top.

Combination- it’s a combination of functional and chronological formats. It’s a good format if you have a specific skill of a particular industry. A resume sample best shows how a combination resume looks like.

  1. Set up your personal information

Once you’ve selected your format, you should display your information depending with the format you chose. You should have;

Contact information-here you give your contact details so that a potential employer can give you an interview.  You should include your name, address, email, phone number, and a LinkedIn profile.

Introduction- your introduction should highlight your skills, work experience. It should contain information explaining your goals and objectives.

Work Experience-it’s the most important section of your resume. Give the potential employer the most relevant work history.

  1. Your Resume styles

After highlighting your personal information, pick a resume style. When writing your resume please consider,

  • The number of pages you intend to use-highly recommend one page.
  • Your resume font size and style- do not use many colors or large fonts.
  • Do not use too many lines and brakes.
  • Do not use margins inappropriately.


These 3 major steps outlined above on how to write a resume will land you a job with your potential employer. Choose the format that best outlines your expert skills, your work history, your experience and expectations. Make sure you search for resume examples displaying your formatting style without using lots of lines and brakes, or margins inappropriately. Your style should be neat and appealing. With a good written resume, you can quickly secure your dream Job position.