Link Choices As Per the Options in SEO

Of course you place a link to your own page in your guest blog and use a good anchor for this. The blog website is happy with a new qualitative text from a specialist and you reach a completely new – but very targeted group of potential customers. And you have a backlink for improving your search engine optimization.

Finding good websites

There are several ways you can find blogs that are relevant to your field. For example, the aforementioned dentist will not write a blog on a travel website, unless it concerns dentists abroad. You can use Google Blog search and by entering a keyword a number of relevant websites will appear. There is also Twitter Search that can help you find people blogging in your topic. By choosing the blog website well and by writing a good blog you can collect a number of backlinks in a fairly easy way. Another big advantage is that this method also produces backlinks in the long term. You can buy backlinks now.

Please note that there has been a lot of use of guest blogs recently to obtain backlinks and search engines may see this as abuse. So do this in moderation and keep a close eye on the news about the parameters of Google and the other websites. 

Post link-worthy content on your website 

You can also attract backlinks, but you need some exposure for this. If you fill your website with interesting and link-worthy content, other sites will use you as an authority. There are several types of link-worthy content and the type or types you use are determined by your field. Think of checklists, a resource center or e-books and add these to your website. 

Informative: a lot of link-worthy content is informative and therefore provides information about, for example, the latest news, about a new development in your field or about a particular specialty.

Educational: a good substantive text is also educational and can teach someone something. On a blog for dentists, a text about how often to brush your teeth is no longer educational, but a text about the outcome of a new survey is.

Entertaining: if you write a text that is entertaining and therefore responds to emotions, you are also more likely to get backlinks. Many writers of texts in serious topics try to keep the attention of the readers with these kinds of backlinks.

Inspires: It is an inspiring text, which makes you jitters and that makes you want to start immediately with piano lessons, for example, is also link-worthy. If your field lends itself to it, this is a good way to win customers and improve your link building at the same time.