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How To Conduct Effective Product Research To Sell Products On Amazon

Amazon has 2.5 million vendors; therefore it’s difficult for new merchants to succeed. Any listings you submit on the Amazon marketplace run the risk of easily getting buried and remaining unseen if you don’t conduct adequate research to locate the finest things to offer. Fortunately, you can use a variety of methods to identify the finest markets to target, the best goods to offer, and the top suppliers to collaborate with. Even your Amazon listings and PPC campaigns can be optimized with the aid of these software solutions. It is important to know about viral launch vs jungle scout if you are an Amazon seller.

Whether you are a new seller on Amazon or an established seller thinking about expanding into new niches, it is crucial to conduct research beforehand. You might not be able to compete if you select a niche that is overly saturated. It will be challenging to scale if you select a niche with insufficient interest.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an FBA suite designed to assist companies in precisely enhancing their online marketplace operations. The service accomplishes this by giving consumers access to software that allows them to research their competitors and determine how specific components of product listings are performing in their target market. Viral Launch includes a number of tools that enable users to use the statistics obtained to better their own businesses by providing recommendations for item page keywords and descriptions. The Market Intelligence tool from Viral Launch makes it simple to assess the state of the market for any product or niche. Simply type your keyword into the tool, and the following four tabs will appear:

  • Popular products Market trends
  • VL evaluation
  • Cost estimator

Your product idea’s score, the number of potential monthly sales, and the number of reviews you’ll need to rank high are all provided by VL Analysis. You can compute your after-fee profits per sale using the cost calculator. Additionally, you will receive data about the niche as a whole, such as average monthly sales, average search volume, and average product pricing.

Jungle Scout

You can examine numerous markets, possibilities, and niches with Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder tool. You can enter any keyword to see statistics on search volume over time, the typical number of units sold each month, and the typical price per unit. To assist you decide quickly whether a product niche would be successful or not, you will receive a unique niche score (similar to Viral Scout’s product concept score).

Final thoughts

Product discovery may assist you in ensuring that your Amazon items are specifically designed to make your product stand out among the competition by fast being able to study the Amazon market and comprehend the search engine algorithm. By making your store visible to folks who might not otherwise notice it, they can also help your audience grow. Viral Launch, one of the top FBA suites on the market, has assisted a lot of Amazon businesses in streamlining their operations and customizing their online stores to the customers who are most likely to visit them.