SEO, PPC, and other TLAS

There are many TLAs or three-letter abbreviations that areused in online marketing. However, SEO and PPC are the most popular among them because they define internet marketing as we know it today.

Once you have developed a nice-looking website, you need it to rank among the top search engine results. And reach your target audience.

But how can a new website appear at the top, when thousands of old websites are already there? That is where online marketing proves its worth with either one or both of its popular TLAs.

Search engine optimization or SEO online marketing strategy helps a website rank by building its content around the most relevant search phrases and contributing to a good reputation with high-quality links. It is an elaborate process that, once set in place, takes some time to yield results.

Contrarily, Pay-per-click or PPC advertising campaign kicks in faster and fuels your website’s journey to the top. However, unlike SEO online marketing techniques, PPC is a paid form of online marketing. You have to pay the search engine a fixed amount when it displays your website and someone clicks on it.

The choice of SEO, PPC, or both to help boost your search engine ranking depends on your marketing objectives, budget, and time constraints.

But before any of these online marketing strategies can be set in motion, there is another key TLA that joins the scene. And this time, it is AMS or average monthly searches.

AMS highlights the search volume of each key phrase. By doing so, it helps your online marketing team estimate whether it will be profitable to build an SEO or PPC campaign around any given keyword.

Interestingly, neither one of SEO, PPC, or AMS are one-and-done processes. Each one of these requires continued updates and optimization to yield positive results.  

Landau Consulting, an online marketing company in NJ, has mastered the art of creating SEO online marketing strategy and has created this infographic to make it easier for you to understand the concept of SEO, PPC, and other TLAs and fuel your journey to the top.