Technology and Standardization – An Intellectual Argument

Remember when VHS and Beta videos were extremely popular? Many people bought BETA recorders, that was really a much better technology, it’d more features with higher quality – others bought VHS recorders. The only issue was you could not take part in the Beta videos on the VHS device, and also you could not play VHS videos on the beta player. Eventually VHS won out, and everybody who bought the Beta recorders eventually needed to transition. In older days, you could discover used Beta tapes and recorders at yard sales out and about.

Both of these different technologies were fighting within the free marketplace and competition will work for America, also it helps lower the cost for consumers. However, should you achieve a place if you need to dispose of it, since it does not work alternatively device, then you need lost all of your money. And that is very unfortunate. Too frequently, we’ve competing technologies without standardization within the consumer technology industry-sector, which runs parallel, as well as their fierce competition really finish up hurting the customer. Exactly the same factor happens today and allow me to provide you with a handful of examples.

First, let us discuss the e-book readers. Before e-book readers – should you owned a magazine, you can use it your bookshelf, loan it to some friend, go along with you, move to a new house, and use it another bookshelf. You owned that book. Now, if you purchase an e-book to have an e-book readers, you do not really own it in the same manner while you would should you have had an actual copy, a printed copy, or perhaps a bound book. Consider for a moment that you simply buy an e-book for the Kindle device or perhaps your Nook.

If you choose to obtain a different device, there’s a high probability you will not have the ability to bring your e-books that you have already compensated for, that you simply already own and use them your brand-new device, because they’ll be incompatible. It is the same factor using the VHS and Beta videos, and that i thought we already learned our training on individuals technologies. Transportability issues are important for those who own their very own digital libraries. This can be a major problem.

Now then, some devices such as the iPad permit you to bring your e-books and set them onto another device, quite a few another devices don’t allow you take them of and use them your iPad, although I suppose later on someone will break the code and you will see an application you can purchase to achieve that. Nonetheless, you can observe the issue using the technologies.