Ten best AI-powered writing assistant software


AI-based writing assistants are increasingly getting popular in the workplace. Some companies use them to make notes for a particular subject or niche. Simultaneously, digital agencies use them to develop content for their clients under Quillbot reviews.

AI writing assistants can be a massive benefit to any business looking for help with notes. They can make notes, ideas and even get rid of writer’s block at scale. The more people discuss AI, the more people get disturbed that AI will take over and replace them.

Paraphrasing tools previous to the AI were not reliable at rewriting. With the help of the best paraphrasing tools, these tools used a linear perspective where they just used to switch the words with their synonyms. This rewriting perspective is not good because it makes content that feels unusual.

AI technologies and mainly the NLP have taken the presentation of paraphrasing tools to an entirely new height. Paraphrasing tools are much better at creating content that looks natural than the best paraphrasing tools.

Writing assistant

Writing assistants like writers are online tools designed to catch grammatical errors and to note mistakes to help to make your writing better. Human writing assistants tend to either help authors write manuscripts or work in the writer’s room to help screenwriters craft movies and plays. In this guide, we will cover digital writing assistants, which can help anyone write anything with the power of AI.

AI Writing Software

AI Writing Software combines artificial intelligence and deep learning wherein computer data inserts and the generation of the desired content processes by Quillbot pricing.

Below are the ten best AI-powered writing assistant software:

Jasper AI

Jasper is a note writing and notes creation tool that uses progressive AI to catch the variables from its database best appropriate for your writing style and medium in the most efficient, quick, and accessible way.

  • Jasper gives notes without settling the individuality and the change of the topic.
  • The associate is beginner-friendly with easy accessibility and a very responsive customer experience.
  • With its fast-paced content generation, Jasper enables improvement and smoothness in the workflow of an agency or business.
  • Categorizing topics, mediums, writing styles, and presentation options help in better decision-making.


A similar AI content writing tool enables its users to create marketing copy, social media posts, Facebook advertisements, and many more formats using more than 90 templates such as Bullet Point to Blog by Quillbot reviews.

Copy.ai is suitable for short-term or format business purposes such as product descriptions, website copy, market copy, and sales reports.


ClosersCopy is an AI Copywriting Tool that shows the role of a teammate for a copywriter. It aids in giving memorable headlines and buzzwords with a compelling message ordering towards the marketing of your product in the most well-organized manner.

ClosersCopy, just like Copy.ai, functions on the organized data format of templates that help in generating desired content. CloserCopy uses complex machine learning with an AI Editor that helps in conducting intuitive content processes.


Anyword is an AI platform that creates and optimizes marketing text for social channels, websites, and advertisements. It helps marketers to meet their targets. It considers both AI and human-generated text to provide marketers with content that resonates with their target audiences. The vast number of options and features help generate excellent content based on the provided keywords. It also improvises the given scope to make it look more appealing.


Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriting tool that creates unique and developed marketing notes for businesses and agencies within seconds by giving basic information about the product or service by Quillbot reviews. Writesonic offers predictive analysis for the generated content.


WordAI is a machine learning module that gives a high-quality alteration of the considered data or notes while still maintaining the uniqueness and originality of the letters. WordAI is quick and inherent in creating variations for the notes.


Copysmith is an AI Copywriting Tool that creates high-performing and engaging notes for eCommerce and marketers in a well-organized and fast way. Copysmith, like the other AI Content Writing tools in this list, uses an advanced set of algorithms to determine its content and style.

Copysmith also provides an Enterprise Plan where the businesses make their pack and value add-ons billed subjectively.


Rytr is an AI-powered notes creator and writing tool that, with the help of an entire database, gives engaging and unique content generation with less cost, input, and time. It is fast, responsive, and portable. It allows integrations for other apps which help in content management.

Article Forge

Article Forge is a notes writer tool that writes articles for you in collectivity using the limited keywords and prompts you have provided. It utilizes high-end algorithms and does not just put content for its sake but creates a narrative and passes plagiarism detectors such as Copyscape. Article Forge integrates with WordAI and WordPress, quickly scheduling your article publishing under Quillbot pricing.


Outranking is a modern AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content. This program develops a team of SEO experts, data analysts, and linguists to produce original blog posts and articles on any specific niche. The users can collect factual information from various ranking pages in one place.