The Various Applications of Office 365

Ever since we all started using computers, we have always used Microsoft applications to perform various tasks. Microsoft is synonymous with every individual who would have used a computer in the past 30 years. So yet new addition in the Microsoft family is Office 365.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription plan, which is a conglomerate of the traditional MS applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. Office 365 also offers various other services such as Exchange, Teams, Skype, Publisher, etc. based on the plan purchased. Microsoft Office provides for various monthly office 365 (office 365 รายเดือน, which is the term in Thai) subscription plans, from which the customers can pick any plan of their choice and requirements.

Applications of Office 365

  • MS Word: MS Word is very common to everyone. In simple terms, it is a document creation application where you can write your thoughts, insert pictures, tables, graphs, pie-charts, various writing styles, and many more.
  • MS PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint helps to create presentations and slide-show and offers applications similar to MS Word.
  • MS Excel: With MS Excel, one can make data sheets of spreadsheets, do calculations, table creation and many more applications.
  • Outlook: Microsoft Outlook is an application dedicated to sending and receiving mails. Other than that, it can also manage calendar reminders, contacts, tasks, etc.
  • Publisher: MS Publisher is a one-stop application for creating professional documents like newsletters, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc. with in-built templates and designs.
  • Access: MS Access is a data storing and monitoring tool that helps you to store and analyze chunks of data together.

With these basic applications, there are add on applications that differ based on the monthly Office 365 subscription plan, one has opted for. Other add on applications include

  • MS Teams: Communication platform used for video conferencing, persistent chats, file storage, etc.
  • Exchange: Used for Microsoft’s email, calendar, contact, etc services
  • One Drive: Cloud system for file storage
  • Share Point: Intranet used for managing and exchanging organizational work.

Monthly Office 365 Subscription Plans

The subscription plans are mainly divided in to two types – Business and Home

For Business Purposes:

  1. Office 365 Business
  2. Office 365 Business Premium
  3. Office 365 Business Essentials

For Home Purposes

  1. Office 365 Home
  2. Office 365 Personal
  3. Office Home and Student 2019

MS Office 365 is a complete package of all the required applications. It is much easier and inexpensive as compared to buying all the applications separately. Office 365 uses the updated versions of all the applications and provides a much better experience. MS Office is worth giving a try. Avail MS Office 365 amenities from experts such as SD Wan Service (บริการ SD Wan, which is the term in Thai).