Top 5 Remote Work Trends You Must Explore in 2021

  1. Hybrid Workplace

The above is the perfect blend of offshore and onshore work in the sense, a combo of WFH and onsite work.  Few employees may choose to refrain from commuting and choose to work remotely.  It has been call center training observed that more than fifty percent of employees prefer an equal blend of office working and work from home.  It has been established that over the years post pandemic, the percentage of work from home employees is going to increase considerably.

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  1. Acceleration in remote hiring

When we speak of remote hiring, it has increased considerably, considering the fact that corporates could simplify the process with skype and video interviews and virtual hiring.  Corporates are keen on providing seamless employee experience and hence there is great demand and HR technologies using cloud based methods are being used on a wide scale.

In Spite of increasing demand for work from home options, thanks to the pandemic, 55% of US workers want a mixture of home and office working which is quite intriguing.

The right tools will enable onboarding, virtual learning and developing, performance management, virtual hiring and also smart decision making.

  1. Use of cloud-based technology

It is now possible to profit from seamless remote work experience thanks to cloud based technologies which enable employees also to have adequate access to the corporate resources.  This in fact also aids in smart decision making, performance measurement, virtual hiring.  Companies are willing to also invest and prioritize on virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud computing in the years to come.  Hence cloud based employee monitoring strategies and systems need to be adopted.

  1. Ramp up Cybersecurity concerns

Cybersecurity is extremely important than before, thanks to the number of cyber-attacks that businesses face. Hence it is of essence to cut down on cyber-attacks, spyware and malware.  There needs to be intelligent and smart restriction of access to files and the right measures need to be adopted.  More than ninety-five percent of the IT professionals working from home or remotely working have been inadequately trained and hence there are greater chances of being exposed to such malicious threats.

  1. Eliminate communication gaps

Communication lack may have detrimental effects in the workflow. Hence, corporates are now investing in the right platforms so as to connect with their co-workers in a smart fashion and also to stay aware of the problems.