What is the goal of Keep Solid Goals?

Keep Solid Goals is the ultimate goal managing software developed to help startups, business owners, and PMs execute goal-driven control. On a single platform, users can: Define project goals and create mind maps, divide into goal tasks, assign tasks to team members, complete tasks using Sprints and Kanban, control progress using graphical reports

Keep Solid target features

  • Collaboration tools
  • Full cost tracking
  • Gantt chart/timeline view
  • Kanban
  • Milestones tracking
  • Full follow-up rate
  • Have priority
  • Track your progress
  • Condition monitoring

KeepSolid Goals is goal management software that lets you set goals and strategize while keeping your team productive. Keep Solid Goals delivers an outline of all goals, tasks, due dates, designated team members, key results, KPIs, and objectives library allotments.

First, you can use a mind mapping tool to visualize your goals and break them down into key results and tasks needed to achieve them.

Goal cards provide an intuitive understanding of the conditions required to achieve goals and allow team members and stakeholders to visualize the process.

Will the idea of ​​getting things done hold you back? (So ​​blocked deep breathing exercises or a positive amount of positivity don’t help?)

Keep Solid Goals give you the tools you need to create a clear plan to achieve your goals. Organize and update all project information in the worksheet tab. This tab allows you to specify tasks, priorities, and due dates.

Update the status of each task as your team progresses and track KPIs and planned budgets for your process.

Organize tasks by status, priority, KPI, and budget for the target application to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Keep Solid’s goals make managing tasks clear and easy throughout their lifecycle.


Kanban allows teams to plan sprints, optimize workflows, and track progress in an organized fashion. If you want to drag and drop tasks between columns and update their status, you can move them from To Do, Analyze, In Progress, Review, and Finish. Kanban is easy to use and helps bring consistency to your team’s work status and project progress. Add tasks to the board as you approach the end of the project. It can certainly be complained about, but it’s believable to see it when it works. Keep Solid Goals allow you to transparently view key results and tasks using the timeline feature. The timeline provides a holistic view of projects, tasks, and results, making it easy to develop and track progress on long-term plans.