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Is playing video games as good as a sport that trains the brain or hurts and is addictive? Benefits and risks of children’s use of electronic games: how to choose them and how long to use them without exaggerating

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Playing video games is one of the activities most loved by young people and adults. There are those who dedicate a few tens of minutes to it and those who spend whole hours in front of computers and play stations engaging in competitions and competitions that may sooner or later arrive at the Olympics. But is playing video all the time good or is it an activity harmful to the brain and is it right to give consoles to children and teenagers? We will try to see what the pros and cons are according to the latest studies carried out by researchers and neuropsychiatrists. With dota 2 mmr boost  you can have a perfect deal.

The importance of playing video games even before in words is in numbers. 59% of the American population uses them habitually, but they are not common only in America. The global turnover of the short-term electronic games industry could exceed $ 80 billion. The diffusion of these devices obviously is not enough to declare their benefits on the brain and indeed often the Console and Play Station in general do not enjoy a good reputation. If on the one hand there are beneficial, educational and stimulating effects for the mind and body, on the other it is a question of how long to play and how to avoid any negative effects on a psychiatric level.

Playing video games in Italy

Benefits or problems of playing video games affect many English families who spend about 1.7 billion electronic games every year. If the crisis has affected other leisure activities and for historical reasons we almost always end up regularly at the bottom of the European rankings in the consumption of books, newspapers and culture in general, the videogames sector is in full development also in Italy. In the virtual world, the family budget problems seem to disappear and the Englishs excel in consumption in fourth place in Europe after Great Britain, France and Germany.


In Italy we play video games with TV, computer, internet and smartphone, spending a total of 24 million hours every day. The craze affects the whole family and involves friends, siblings, children and parents. 20% of the time is dedicated to traditional video games, then there are consoles, games downloaded from the internet and online, social gaming and video games on mobile. 11% are played together with other online players. Just portable devices open new lands of conquest for companies always looking for new users. On Facebook games like Farmville, The Sims and others occupy the days of 65% of English players.

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