Are Networking Components of Dell Perfect for Your Enterprise?

Dell has one of the largest portfolios in the industry of networking components. Already a brand, well recognized for its wide range of laptops and desktops computers, this segment is equally famous. If you take a look at Dell EMC’s networking products, well they are very unique. They are a unique blend of Dell’s unique approaches and other innovations of partner brands.

One of the core goals of Dell’s networking solutions is to stand beside customers in this digitally transforming era. To have an IT infrastructure that can run ahead of the trending flow is their aim.

If you want to have flexible and agile EMC Switches for your enterprise, then this post can be helpful. Network N Series of Dell has quite a few products, which are popular in the industry.

The 2-Ports Dell SNSN1108T

The SNSN1108T falls under the Dell Network N Series of EMC Switches. With a standard 1U rack chassis, you get full-duplex RJ45 ports in the product. Talking about the SFP 1GbE ports, a Deskside power cord gives it power. 250V, 10A, 2M, C13 are the specs that you can expect in the power cord. There is also a Jumper cord, whose specs are 250V, 10A, 2m, C13 to C14. Layer 2 switching is the type you get in the SNSN1108T.

The 24-Ports Dell SNSN1124T

Dell’s SNSN1124T is an EMC Switch, which has 28 ports in total. Having an industry-standard 1U rack chassis, the product has 24 ports (RJ45 1GbE) plus 4 ports (SFP+ 10GbE). It has a 250V, 10A, 2A, C13 Deskside power cord for plugging it in. You will also get a similar 250V but C13 to C14, 10A, 2m Jumper cord. The switching you get in this is a 2-layered one.

The 48-Ports Dell SNSN1148T

This one also falls under the Dell Network N Series, having an identical 1U rack chassis as the last one. You can find 48 ports (RJ45 1GbE) in total in the SNSN1148T along with 4 more ports (SFP+ 10GbE). There is also a 10A, 2M, C13 Deskside power cord present here, which has an output of 250V. There is also the C13 to C14, 250V, 10A, 2m Jumper cord present in the SNSN1148T. You will also get to see the same 2-layered switching as in the SNSN1124T.

Concluding everything, you might want to know if these can solve your networking requirements. Well, yes is your answer and you can rely on these products from Dell.

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