Fingerprint scanning system for the mass.

Fingerprint scanning system (ระบบสแกนลายนิ้วมือ, which is the term in Thai) has become one of the most popular methods of electronic security. This scanner comes from a longer way from often being used in spy thrillers to now being used in smartphones.

Types of fingerprint scanners:

There are four types of fingerprint scanners that are available.

Optical scanner

An optical scanner uses light beams in order to scan and convert images, texts, codes, or two-dimensional objects digitally. These signals are then sent to computers and fax machines. The most popular optical scanner is the flatbed scanning device. A bar code scanner or a handheld scanner is generally used in retail stores. In this method, the computer reads the bar code by scanning it and determines the price.

  • Capacitance scanner

The capacitance scanner is a finger scanning device. It uses a variety of capacitive sensors that catches the proximity with the help of a micro-computer. It is associated with electronic signal circuits to store and create a digital image of a fingerprint.

  • Ultrasonic scanner

In an ultrasound scan, high-frequency sound waves are used in order to capture images of the body. It is also known as sonography. This technology is very similar to radar and sonar. This is also widely used in the military for detecting planes and ships. Ultrasonic scanners play a very important role in our lives. Be it health or military.

  • Thermal scanner

Thermal scanners are very effective in detecting fever. In this method, a technique is used in which an infrared camera is generally used to measure the variation in temperature on the structure and the surface of the body. It also helps in detecting abnormal tissue growth. Thermal scanners are widely used in the medical field.

Fingerprint scanning system is widely used in our daily lives. Its features make our day to day lives easier to function.