Government websites are at the risk of online threat

Every business is at risk of online threats, but government bodies tend to be at risk a lot more, comparatively. When a government body is attacked, it isn’t any general email phishing or scam, but a scam on a large scale. People hacking government bodies online do not do it for monetary purposes but for something big.

Government hacks are well-research and planned. The hacker tries to break into the system to steal information. The private information, once leaked into the public, can prove to be harmful to the security of the country. And honestly, this has to be the sole motive of the online hackers.

The people breaking into online websites have online hacking as their full-time job. The hackers, however, may be state-funded. In one of the recent events, there had been massive chaos of governmental hacking in the US. The hacking, however, brought about disruption in the US election.

Why do government websites get hacked so easily?

Despite the country’s government spending excessive money on increasing security and maintaining the IT department, one small mistake can eventually prove to be harmful. The government employees aren’t aware of cybersecurity. The initial step is to make everyone familiar with cybersecurity.

Online safety is extremely important in sectors such as planning, finance, and human resources. Thus it is essential to make the employees familiar with the concept. One small mistake made online will eventually lead to checking threats and causing harm.

While you may feel everything is based online, the workload is necessary, and the lack of knowledge can lead to bad human performance. The mistake of one knowledgeable person can cause severe grave errors. To ensure better government cybersecurity, officials need to reduce the chances of human errors.

It is also necessary to check for the least privilege and prevent the networks from being hacked. Limiting the access of human employees and providing information to only a handful of employees is necessary to maintain security.

One may not realize, but the involvement of third-party can eventually prove to be a threat to the government networks. They can pave the way for network access risk. Third-party vendors, when provided access to government networks, can prove to be harmful to the different devices.

Not global but local attacks too over time can be a significant threat. The government officials need to look into the matter and prevent the involvement of any such private data from being leaked. Moreover, it is necessary to stay updated with technology each day to prevent any attacks.