How to get verified with the blue tick on Instagram

The last few years the social platform Instagram has become more than just a social network for communication and a place where you can share your photos and videos with your followers. Many celebrities are using the platform to be closer to their fans and business is investing lots of money to improve their incomes. However there are so many fake accounts that pretend to be someone else and can froud the society. To prevent this from happening Instagram has created a verification system where everyone can fill out an application form and get a blue tick next to their username on Instagram and it will confirm that the account is authentic. It is easy to apply for the verification , but no one can be sure that Instagram will approve their request. 

Instagram has a lot of amazing features in it and one of them is liking someone’s posts. These likes can also be availed by you on your profile as you can buy Instagram auto likes in the first place and use them to spread your profile. helps you access all the likes and comments on your profile and that too at very reasonable rates. To buy real likes on Instagram is a very perfect and up to the mark chance for the people in the first place. So, you should take advantage of this chance and buy real Instagram likes for the betterment of their profile.

Some people think that if they have many people following their account or many likes on their publication ,they will be approved for the blue tick, even some of them buy real Instagram likes to increase the chances but the verification system is not working this way. Instagram has its own terms when it comes to the blue tick ,however no one can name them fully. It is up to the Instagram team wheter to approve your request or not.However in this article we are going to check the main steps that you should follow in order to get your Instagram account verified no matter how many likes or Instagram  followers you have.

  1. First of all make sure that your account is authentic. For example you can connect your Instagram page to your Facebook page and that will confirm that the account is original.
  2. Popularity. However the exact number of followers is not that important, your account should be trending and your profile visits number should be high.This is related with the engagement percent of your account and your followers. This percentage depends on the content that your are sharing with your audience. For example you should publish posts that are unique and eye catching in order to increase the engagement percent and gain more chances to be approved by Instagram for the blue tick.
  3. Your account name should be unique. It should represent a unique person or brand, as account names such as “love animals” or “love flowers” will not get approved ,because they are not personalized. 
  4. Your account should be public. Instagram does not verify accounts that are private. So make sure that your Instagram page is public and reachable. Also you can fill your bio section with more useful information about you or your business. If you have a website ,you can put the URL on the bio section. Your Instagram account would look more professional this way.
  5. Publish stories often. The Instagram tool , called “Story” is considered to be one of the best ways that can help you to increase your engagement percent.As we already mentioned the engagement percent is one of the most important things for growing your Instagram account and getting the blue tick as well.

When you do all the steps above you should go to your Instagram account settings where you would be able to fill out the application form for the verification.There you should put your full name and your nickname.Then you should take a picture of your ID to confirm your authentic.Once you do this it is up to Instagram to approve the request or not. I hope this article will help you get a verification blue tick on Instagram and once you receive the verification, your journey on Instagram would become way more pleasant and interesting.