What Does an Ultraviolet Synthesizer System Do?

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UVS system [ระบบ UVC, which is the term in Thai] shuts down the DNA of viruses, germs, as well as various other microorganisms and damages their capacity to multiply and create disease. Ultraviolet systems with the finest quality of electro brightened, rust-resistant stainless steel. The system enables water to come in contact with Ultra Violet rays. These systems assist in the simplicity of installation, as well as maintenance. Its operational prices are likewise reduced.




  • Immediate treatment process
  • Higher efficiency than Chlorine
  • Economical, functional prices


Ultraviolet light shuts down the DNA of microorganisms, infections, and other viruses, as well as destroys their ability to increase and cause disease. Particularly, UV light causes harm to microorganisms’ nucleic acid by creating covalent bonds within definite adjacent bases inside the DNA. The development of these bonds stops the DNA from duplicating. For around like previous 100 years, scientists have recognized the bactericidal results of the ultraviolet location of the electromagnetic spectrum. The particular wavelengths in charge of this reaction are situated between 240 to 280 nanometers, referred to as nm, with a peak wavelength of 265 nm are referred to as UV-C.




  • Extra effective for viruses compared to chlorine. Chlorine is getting less appropriate as a result of unsafe items, handling troubles, as well as the risk of overdosing
  • The immediate treatment process, no demand for holding storage tanks, and retention times, so the footprint is small.
  • Very economical as a result of low resources, operational, and upkeep expenses.
  • No chemicals are included in the water supply, resulting in no by-products and no demand for specialized storage space demands.
  • No change in smell, preference, pH, the conductivity of water
  • Simplicity as well as convenience of upkeep, regular cleaning, as well as yearly lamp substitute, no relocating parts to wear out
  • Automatic procedure
  • Easy setup, just two water connections, and a power link