What Is The Proper Format For Writing A Professional Resume?

A resume is a document that opens the door to your dream job. Today, while going for any job interview resume is a must. Without a resume, you can’t give an interview. Even if you apply online for a job, then also you need to send your resume. There are various platforms available online to guide or help you create an effective resume for a particular job position. If you are making the resume the first time, you can check various examples of resume templates at https://resumebuild.com, as it is the best platform that can help you make a perfect resume online.

Format of a resume is as important as writing an impressive resume. Your resume can’t be effective if it is not presented in proper format and layout. These both play a vital role in the presentation of a resume.

Let’s discuss how to draft a professional resume in detail:

Personal information

The first and foremost thing to add to a resume is your name and contact information. Your name must be at the top of the resume so that the recruiter can recognize your identity. After writing your name, you can give you contact details like you can mention your e-mail address through which they can contact you at the time of selection.

Career objective

In this column, you can explain the job you are looking for and how you are perfect for that particular job. You can also add your professional skills in this section because it increases the chances of your selection.


After your career objective, then comes your education qualification. In this column, you need to add all your academics, like all the degrees you possess and the university you are graduated or post-graduated.

While mentioning the degrees, make sure you add it in proper chronological order with your latest qualification at the top. It is the proper format for writing your qualification.


If you have done any extra certificate-related course or have any extra achievement, like if you have participated in some government-oriented course, then you can add such details in this column. You can check resume templates at https://resumebuild.com and take specific ideas to write this section.

Work experience

Your work experience plays a vital role in the resume. If you are a fresher, then there is no need to add such a column to your resume. But if you are an experienced person, then you need to mention your past work position and the organization name where you were working earlier.

The experienced candidates are given preference because the recruiter doesn’t have to spend any extra cost on them for training.

Special skills

Today, the essential requirement is the knowledge of computer. So you can add some necessary computer skills as these increases the chances of your selection as a computer is used in every field.


It is a section where you need to declare that all the information you have provided in your resume is accurate and valid, and there is no false information in your resume.


Finally, if you are applying for any job, you can follow this format, or if you want to add some extra points, you can check various resume ideas at https://resumebuild.com as this will guide you in a better way.